5 Effective Online Teaching Methods Every Teacher Must Know

Created by Mark Davis in Online Teaching 17 Sep 2023

Initially educators struggled to utilize effective teaching techniques. Over time, they adapted to the new normal accordingly. However, many still find it challenging to create comprehensive online teaching methods and strategies that will keep students engaged at all times. Let us take a look at the ultimate list of effective teaching techniques that will come in handy.

Use Presentations

Presentations are a visual treat to students. They can be created in a very short period of time. You can use images, graphs, emojis, texts and more to create an amazing slideshow of chapters. Thus, engaging students for hours at a stretch during the lecture. This is one of the best among other online teaching methods and strategies

Utilize Online Tools and Games

There are several online tools and games available online that are free and interesting. You can use them to play quizzes, educational games, and much more with young learners. This refreshes students’ minds and allows them to learn concepts in-depth. These tools and games also break the monotony of lectures and add a spark in virtual sessions. 

Facilitate Group Discussions

There are several teaching methods available online that aid in making lectures interesting. One of many such techniques is facilitating group discussions. They allow learners to interact and collaborate on a project togethers. As a result, students get to build their communication skills, improve their confidence, hone their leadership skills and so much more from an early age. Teachers should use group discussions to their advantage and make virtual sessions interesting.

Try Flipped Classroom Model

This method has proven to be among the most effective online teaching methods and strategies. In this model, students already have studied the lesson prior to the classroom and the lectures are used for doubt resolution, problem-solving exercises, group discussions, quizzes and more. You can try this method by recording videos beforehand and providing all the study materials to students in advance. 

Give and Receive Feedbacks

To facilitate effective teaching, educators need to know their areas of improvement and so do students. You can receive feedback by sending online google forms or by getting on a video call with students. Share with them the areas where they need to work and ask them which areas you need to improve on. In this way, your lectures will be more effective and you will be able to curate content according to students’ learning needs.

This ultimate list of effective online teaching methods will make you the best educator. Students will revere you and your teaching style. Moreover, if you want to conduct live classes then opt for SuperTeacher. It allows you to go digital within minutes. You can use the platform’s vast digital library to your advantage and run engaging lectures in classrooms. Enroll today and build your own brand from scratch.


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