5 Practical Teaching Teaching Ideas Every Teacher Should Know

Created by Mark Davis in Online Teaching 17 Sep 2023

We all agree to the fact that teaching is not an easy task. In fact, teachers require some requisite skills to meet the educational requirements of every student present in the classroom. It is indeed a challenge to communicate effectively with students, all of whom have different personalities, more so while conducting oneself on an online teaching platform. 

It is important for teachers to chalk out unique strategies to ensure that their teaching is effective and interactive. However, they might need to implement multiple strategies in a single classroom due to the varied personalities of students. The one size fits all approach doesn’t yield any effective results in a classroom. To help teachers establish an impeccable environment in the classroom, SuperTeacher, the online teaching platform, has come up with 5 ideas for practical teaching.

Tech-enabled Learning 

Technology has begun playing a massive role in the education space. It is now time for teachers to introduce and use technology to enhance their practical teaching skills. Technology will help in increasing the engagement of students. Teachers can ditch blackboards to make way for videos and images to explain the topic better. Moreover, teachers can enable video-recording of their lectures for students to refer it later while going through the topic again. More such features to enable tech-based learning have been incorporated into SuperTeacher, the teaching app.

Clear Communication

Ensuring that you have clear communication with your students in an online classroom setting is one of the key ideas for practical teaching. Students might lose interest in an online lecture if they are unable to understand what the teacher is saying. Thus, teachers should ensure that the microphone is connected properly. Try to speak slowly and with clarity to ensure that everyone present in the class understands. It is also advisable to use simpler words that match the vocabulary of students. 

Engaging and Interactive Environment 

Practical teaching yields better results if students are interested in the teaching presentation. Teachers can make their classrooms more engaging by introducing the students to fun learning activities such as games and quizzes. Moreover, the concept of presentations and projects enhances the engagement of students and thus forms an important aspect of practical teaching. 

Visualization Use

Teachers should understand that students might get bored by the normal textbook teaching due to the redundancy that sets in. This issue can be solved with the introduction of visualization techniques in e-classrooms. Make use of visuals, documentaries and short films to help the students understand the topic. Visualization helps students grasp the learning better. 

Regular Feedback

The rise of Edtech platforms have brought about the concept of personalized learning to the fore. Teachers too should strive to make education as personalized as possible. The above steps do help in making learning more personalized. Apart from these, teachers should provide regular feedback and assessments on the children’s learning journey. Parents should be informed about the latest developments. This definitely instills confidence in the parents too. 

To Conclude 

As e-classrooms gain momentum, teaching platforms also have become the need of the hour.  SuperTeacher, the teaching app, strives to meet every requirement of a teacher to set up their virtual classroom. Its key features include live classes, assignments and assessments as well as readily available content for teachers. It also helps teachers build their teaching brand with a personalized touch and ace their teaching skills. 


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