5 Ways to Improve Cognitive Skills in Students

Created by Mark Davis in Online Learning 17 Sep 2023

Brain is a vital organ of our body. It’s the reason why we move, eat, write, talk, and more. Practically everything we do is because our brain sends signals through the nervous system to other body parts. Similarly, the brain needs sharpened cognitive skills to focus, learn, think, remember details, and eventually solve problems effectively.

To score high marks and ace exams effectively, all the cognitive needs of students should be met. So, how to improve cognitive skills in students? The answer is to engage them in physical activities, tickle their curiosity, use brain training games in classrooms, nurture their creativity, and introduce them to new skills and experience. Let us learn more in detail:

Engage Learners in Physical Activities

Research has proven that exercise has positive effects on memory function. Those who engage in daily physical activities, their cognitive function improves significantly. The primary reason being that physical activities test your quick thinking and decision making skills.

As a teacher, ask your students to do some form of physical activity or a quick warmup before the class. This will keep their minds stimulated during the lectures. Thus, fulfilling the cognitive needs of students.

Tickle Students Curiosity

The answer to your question on how to improve cognitive skills in students is by keeping learners curious. It’s a known fact that children who participate in reading books, writing and engaging in brain-stimulating activities at any age have better cognitive development than others.

During lectures you can promote brain-stimulating techniques that will tickle their curious minds. Thus, improving the cognitive skills of students.

Use Brain Training Games in Classrooms

Games are always considered as the best possible way to improve the cognitive skills of students. They promote learners to think quickly, analyze fast and make a decision within an instance. As an educator, you can use this to your advantage and conduct in-class gaming activities. This will not only aid in making learning fun but will also satisfy the cognitive needs of students.

Nurture Students Creativity

A creative task pushes students to think outside the box and come up with something unique. This allows learners to explore new sides of themselves. Arts and crafts classes do the trick in schools. They promote creativity by letting children tap into their minds and bring their imagination to life.

Introduce Students to New Skills and Experience

A unique way to answer your question of how to improve cognitive skills in students is by introducing learners to new skills. Adapting to the new-age skill set while networking socially simultaneously allows learners to stay witty and sharp.

It’s important to ask your students to step out of their comfort zones and do something that is mentally challenging and unfamiliar. This also plays a prominent role in improving your students’ personality traits.

In Conclusion:

By using these practices, you can help learners carve a better personality. Thus, making them ready for all the challenges that might come their way in the future. These practices also answer your everlasting question of how to improve cognitive skills in students. Moreover, if you want to conduct lectures and teach students how to improve their cognitive skills, then opt for the SuperTeacher teaching platform. It allows you to go digital and kickstart live classes within minutes.


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