5 effective ways to reduce time during answer sheet evaluation process

Created by Mark Davis in Smart Assessment 17 Sep 2023

By relying on technological tools and answer sheet evaluation software, teachers can check papers more quickly and effectively. Here, we have discussed the five most effective ways to reduce time during the answer sheet evaluation process.

Blank pages

Blank page identification is the most frustrating and tedious task for an examiner or teacher. This typically occurs when say, the exam sheet has twenty pages in total, but the student has filled up only 15 pages. As per standard examination rules, the teacher has to mark the blank pages. This process can be simplified by using answer sheet evaluation software that successfully identifies the blank pages. The system will display the blank sheets to the examiner which they can mark in bulk.

Tablet-based evaluation

Tablet-based evaluation allows the digital evaluation of answer sheets on devices like smartphones or tablets. This allows the examiner to check papers on the go or while commuting. Thus, it saves time and makes the process convenient for the teacher. This also eliminates the paper handling hassle.

Evaluation dashboard

By setting up an evaluation dashboard, examiners can easily keep track of the overall progress of each student and their answer sheets. Multiple parameters and statistics can be added to the dashboard including pending assignments, missing assignments, number of answer sheets evaluated, grading status, examiner wise evaluation status, and so on. This can make the digital evaluation of answer sheets more holistic. These evaluation dashboards are easily available on software that has provisions for the online evaluation of answer sheets. Google Classroom is one such popular software.

Random examiner pool

For annual exams or semester exams, there are usually thousands of answer scripts to be evaluated. If answer scripts were to be manually assigned to each examiner, that would be a mammoth task. However, this can be easily solved. Each examiner can be assigned a pool of answer sheets randomly. This can not only reduce administration costs but also eliminate examiner bias.

Automatic marks calculation

For live answer sheets, teachers have to flip back and forth to keep counting the total marks in the answer sheet. But, this is not there in the case of digital evaluation. For the online evaluation of answer sheets, software picks up the marks assigned to each answer and calculates the total at the end. This leaves no room for error and also simplifies the tasks of the examiner. It can also save significant time since the system does it a lot faster.

These were some tips for reducing the time during the answer sheet evaluation process. Hopefully, these will come in handy during the upcoming exam season! If you have not already moved to an online system of tests and assignments, you can give SuperTeacher a try. This online teaching platform has over 5 million questions to choose from, which you can use for auto-graded or ungraded tests and assignments.


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