5 steps to create an ultimate lecture recording studio

Created by Mark Davis in Online Classes 17 Sep 2023

As the Indian education system looks to adopt the hybrid model of a classroom setting, teachers are constantly getting themselves updated with the latest technology trends. Indeed, it is not as easy as it may sound, but teachers have had to spend a considerable amount of time recording lecture to cater to e-learning needs. 

With this, the prominence of the lecture recording studio as a tool has gained momentum. Teachers are on the constant lookout for steps to create a video lecture recording setup with ease. Teachers could be using laptops, webcams or even a smartphone for online class recording while within the comforts of their homes. However, poor quality of audio or video can overshadow even the best lecture.

Indeed, the recording lecture quality has a better impact on the students, who remain the ultimate beneficiary. High-quality video lectures enhance the students’ grasping abilities and engage them to focus better. Additionally, students tend to connect better with teachers whom they can hear and see properly in an online class recording. Thus, there’s a well-assessed need to record class lecture in the best way possible.

A good video recording begins with suitable equipment and a well-planned video lecture recording setup. There’s a common misconception that it is difficult and expensive to complete a video lecture recording setup. In this article, we will tell you about the best way to record lectures along with key hacks to online class recording that suits your students’ needs. 

Identify The Right Space For Video Lecture Recording Setup

It is important to understand that having an ideal space is the first step towards setting up a lecture recording studio. A dedicated space also means a permanent video recording lecture setup, further ensuring time efficiency. 

Identify a quiet room that has no to minimal background noise. You would not want your students to get distracted by the voice of people chattering in the background. Hence, figure out a room enclose by four walls to ensure a smooth recording lecture experience. Thus, identifying the right space remains among the best way to record lectures.

Time To Soundproof Your Space When Recording Lecture

After identifying a space in your home, you need to soundproof it to ensure a decent recording lecture experience. Begin this by turning off the fans, air conditioners, and other electric appliances that may produce unwanted noise while recording online lectures. 

Sound has a tendency to bounce off walls, which further produces echoes. To overcome this hurdle during the setup of an ideal lecture recording studio, fill the room with soft objects, including pillows and blankets. If you have a larger budget, then prefer using acoustic foams for a better video lecture recording setup.

Record Class Lecture With Well-positioned Camera

When using a computer to carry out an online class recording, the webcam is generally placed atop the desktop. However, if you possess a better camera such as the camcorder or the DSLR, then it is ideal to use a tripod that can be placed across your desk. 

In the event that you are using a computer to go through the presentation slides, ensure that the desktop is not blocking the camera view. A tripod is always a good idea as it brings about a stabilised image and provides better control over the camera while recording online lectures. 

Choosing The Right Light While Recording Lecture

LED lights are found to be more convenient to use while recording online lectures. LED lights do not warm up the space. However, these are more costly. Instead, you can opt for the regular bulb lights. All you have to ensure is that you choose the natural daylight tone to avoid the propagation of a bluish skin tone when you record class lecture. 

Lighten Up To Shine

It is advisable to block off natural lights that might penetrate your space. This can be done using thick curtains. The intensity of natural light changes throughout the day and results in inconsistency. It is advisable to use artificial lights and stands to have better control over the surrounding. 

You can opt for a classic three-point lighting setup. In the first step of this video lecture recording setup, the key light is to be placed in front and slightly on the side of the model. The second step, i.e. the fill light counteracts the shadow. Hence it is placed in the front but on the opposite side of the key light and a bit distant away from the model. Backlight is the final stage in setting up the light process. Backlight, as the name suggests, needs to be placed at the back of the model. This leads to the creation of a dimension, it unsticks the model from the background and creates a rim of light around it. 

To Conclude

With the rapid strides in online learning, there has been an increased need to understand the video lecture recording setup. Teachers have realised the need to understand lecture recording studio needs. Keeping in mind the growing importance, SuperTeacher has become a prominent name among the teaching community. Being an online teaching platform, it lets teachers conduct live lectures and enhance their student enrolment ratio by 10x. Other key features also include smart assessments, simplified assignments, an attendance tracker, and more.


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