7 Main Types of Online Learning Methods

Created by Mark Davis in Online Classes 17 Sep 2023

The past couple of years have seen the emergence of several types of online education as an ideal alternative to the physical classroom setting. The emergence of types of distance learning in the online mode was further triggered by the Covid-19 spread. Teachers have attempted to switch to online teaching methods and have strived to make interactive online learning style a reality. 

However, there might be some teachers who could be on the lookout for interactive online teaching methods. To help the teachers seamlessly integrate e-learning, SuperTeacher has compiled a list of 7 main types of online learning methods. 

Synchronous Online Learning Style

Considered as one of the prominent types of online learning, the Synchronous online learning style enables every student to attend and participate in learning activities online at the same time. This online learning method focuses on the concept of real-time learning through video meets and chats. Students can simply interact with their teachers or get their doubts resolved using these tech-enabled features.

Asynchronous Online Learning Method 

As the name suggests, the asynchronous online learning method is entirely in stark contrast with the synchronous online learning style. This type of learning method revolves around no real-time interaction between the teacher and the students. The teacher helps the students in their educational journey through assignments. This online learning method offers wider flexibility to students and hence is also regarded as among the student-friendly types of online learning. 

Adaptive E-learning Mode 

In the adaptive e-learning method of education, the study material and teaching techniques are designed keeping in mind the needs and capabilities of the students. This method offers a personalized touch to e-learning and goes a long way in helping students achieve their academic goals. 

Hybrid E-learning Style 

This is a unique method of interactive online learning. Through this, students are offered real-time interactions along with individual learning. This method emphasizes both live classes as well as individual meets with teachers to help the students learn effectively and get their doubts resolved quickly. 

Interactive Online Learning Method 

The interactive method is one of the most important types of online learning as it ensures proper communication between the students and the teacher. This method works by converting the sender into receivers. Both teachers and students communicate interactively in this learning method. 

Linear E-learning Mode 

As against the interactive online learning method that offers two-way communication, linear e-learning mode offers a single-way communication only. This can be understood with instances such as – the sharing of study materials with students through TV or radio programs. However, there’s no perspective in this method as it restricts a student and makes their learning journey difficult. 

Collaborative Online Learning Style 

This is regarded as one of the latest modes of online learning. In this, students are divided into several groups to ensure that they learn together and attain the spirit of teamwork. Each student is tasked with analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the others in the group. This practice helps in the enhancement of the spirit of teamwork and communication among the students.

With the prominence of online learning, there felt a need for an online teaching platform to enable students to seamlessly conduct lectures online. Thus, SuperTeacher online teaching platform was launched. This platform for online teaching enables the teachers to conduct live lectures with ease, carry out assessments and assignments. It also helps them establish and market their own teaching brand.


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