7 Ways to Reduce Student Stress

Created by Mark Davis in Online Teaching 17 Sep 2023

Even though stressful situations for students are not in anyone’s control, it doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to reduce the same. There are several ways to reduce stress for students. Some of the effectives strategies to address the causes of stress in students are:


Meditation relaxes one’s mind. It provides tranquility and generates a positive aura in a person’s body. Thus, keeping the mind healthy and fit at all times. To fight through all the student stress effectively, begin meditating daily and within weeks you’ll notice the difference. Thus, significantly reducing the effects of stress on students.

Create a Hobby

A hobby is something that you’re good at, something that helps refresh your mind from the other daily, mundane tasks. Your hobby can be anything as long as it brings happiness and provides relaxation. Thus, helping in reducing the impact of all the stressful situations for students. 

Consume Nutritious Food

A nutrition-rich diet keeps your body healthy and prevents you from feeling lethargic. The vitamins and proteins in your meal further reach out to the brain cells to nurture mental health. This decreases stress in students life as the minds of young learners become healthy and active.

Manage Your Time Better

More so than often, one of the primary causes of stress in students life is improper time management. Some learners study for hours at a stretch, while some procrastinate till the exams come near. Either way, both the processes do more harm than good. Instead, create a well-drawn study plan where you have a perfect mix of studies and relaxation. This will help in significantly reducing student stress.

Practice Visualisation

This is one of the unique ways to reduce stress for students. Visualisation stimulates your brain cells and allows you to picture anything that you want to. It could range from a food item to a vivid scenario. There is no limit to what a person can think. 

Students, too, can learn better by visualising various concepts, experiments, diagrams, theories, and so on – taking them in a new reality and helping them understand topics in-depth. Thus, reducing their stress of low concept grasp and toning down a significant part of stressful situations for students.

Listen to Music

Time and again, music has been considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce stress. It is even used in a professional setup such as therapy. Students can also reduce their stress by simply listening to some good tunes for 10 minutes daily. This will provide relaxation to one’s mind and reduce student stress significantly.

Seek Help

Seeking help from loved ones always helps in resolving even the most complex of issues. As a student, if studies are overwhelming you, seek help from teachers as well as parents. They’re experienced individuals who will guide you appropriately and help you navigate through all the stressful situations.

These practices will help reduce student stress and let them focus on studying. As a teacher, if you want to conduct live classes, opt for the SuperTeacher online teaching platform. It’ll help you go digital and kickstart classes in 2 min.


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