Digital Evaluation: A Guide to an Online On-Screen Marking System

Created by Mark Davis in Smart Assessment 17 Sep 2023

Thanks to the recent technological integration in the education system due to Covid-19 pandemic, the possibility of a new digital evaluation system has come to light. It is an online paper checking process that is completely digital. Teachers no longer have to go through the hassles of checking pen-and-paper based test sheets.

Why the Need for a Digital Evaluation System?

The traditional exam evaluation process is time consuming and, at times, mentally exhausting. An educator has to assess a large bundle of answer sheets in a dedicated amount of time. This time period is something they have to strictly adhere to. 

If it’s a large-scale university examination, competitive examination, or board examination, the evaluation process becomes more complicated. A number of assistant examiners and head examiners are added in the process who can be situated anywhere. A single answer sheet has to go through multiple levels of assessments. This often leads to delayed timelines.

Moreover, if a moderator is located in a different city, all the papers have to be transported to that location. The chances of security risk also becomes something to worry about. Not to forget that many teachers have to burn the midnight oil. Furthermore, result compilation in itself is a daunting task. It involves thorough calculation of total marks that must be done multiple times, only after that is it sent for result generation and declaration.

Finally when the results are out, these answer papers have to be collected and stored at a safe location for a period of about one year if any learner makes a re-evaluation request. This process needed to be streamlined in a much efficient way. As a result, a digital evaluation system was pioneered.

Advantages of Digital Evaluation System

A digital evaluation system is completely online. The answer sheets of all the students are scanned and directly uploaded into the system. So, there’s no need to transport test papers to any location. Moderators evaluate test papers online by logging into the system with dedicated credentials.

While assessing answers, all the objective-based questions are analyzed by the system. Teachers only need to check the subjective questions. Thus, reducing the turnaround time for evaluation significantly. Since it’s a digital evaluation system that is highly protected and completely transparent, chances of any malpractice reduces considerably.

The head moderator can keep an eye on the examiners who are checking the papers live during evaluation. Thus, reaffirming transparency and ensuring fair paper checking at all times. The dashboard of the digital evaluation system allows digital teachers to keep a track of their assessment. As a result, there’s no delays in result declaration.

In Conclusion:

The future of the education system will comprise educators and technology going hand-in-hand together. While teachers will do what they’re meant to do – teach, technology will enable with digitals tools and technology. As a result, improving a child’s learning journey significantly. If you want to conduct LIVE classes and get instant assessment for all the tests, sign up for SuperTeacher. It allows you to go digital and kick start a batch within


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