Empathy Activities to Conduct in an Online Classroom

Created by Mark Davis in Learning Material 17 Sep 2023

The idea of inculcating empathy as a value amongst students could have taken a back seat with a massive shift to e-learning over the past couple of years. However, SuperTeacher has come up with some key empathy workshop ideas that teachers can incorporate while operating on a virtual teaching platform. 

Teach Empathy Lesson

Empathy as a value could be best taught to students only with a separate time in the classroom. Have a separate time to teach empathy to your students. As a teacher, you can boost the emotional skills of the young learners by dedicating a minimum of 20 minutes a week. Introduce the idea of empathy lessons among students wherein they are presented with real-life scenarios and asked to comment on the same. Their points of view may vary, but it will bring out the empathy quotient within them and help you chalk out further empathy workshop ideas. 

Encourage Varied Points of View 

Among the best empathy workshop ideas while conducting a class on a teaching platform, teachers should encourage varied points of view. Let your students know that they do not have to agree or be on the same page with each other or with you as well. However, make sure to explain to them the difference between cordially presenting their views without harming the thought process of other people involved in the teach platform. 

Promote Community Circles 

You could create a community circle on your teaching platform. Counted as one of the best empathy workshop ideas, this practice involves the circulation of a talking piece or an object among the students. The student who possesses the object has exclusive rights to speak. As a teacher, you need to act as a facilitator of the idea, introduce a topic or question for discussion and allow your students to serve as the leaders of the conversation. 

Feature Pets in Empathy Discussions 

While conducting the empathy discussion on the teach platform, use real-life examples to understand the thought process of the students. For instance, if you see a student has a pet at home, ask them if they are aware of what that pet is thinking at that time. This practice is not restricted to pets alone and can be extended to include humans as well. 

Empathy has a greater role to play in the overall personality development of any child. Hence, you need to carve out special sessions for the same. This can be done only with a teaching platform like SuperTeacher. This teaching app facilitates unhindered streaming of live lectures. Moreover, you can schedule classes, such as empathy workshop ideas, within minutes. 


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