Generation Y vs Generation Z: An Insightful Comparison

Created by Mark Davis in Online Learning 19 Sep 2023

We often come across some key terms such as generations Y and Z in our day-to-day interaction with people. Generations Y and Z correspond to people who were born in a specific period of time. While the youngsters are well aware of the two terms, some others might not be too accustomed to them. Let us understand the meaning of the two terms and the key differences between them. 

Understanding Generations Y and Z

People belonging to Generation Y are also called millennials. The term is referred to describe the people who were born between the years 1981 to 1996. On the other hand, people born between the years 1997 to 2015 are considered to belong to generation Z or are simply called zoomers. 

Having understood the time frame and the definitions, a similar question struck my mind just like yours – what comes after zoomers? Though not yet certain, some people have already begun referring to it as generation Alpha. 

Comparing Millennials and Zoomers

Let’s now compare the two sets of people on the following parameters as observed by me while teaching to students: 


Having gone through my observations, you might assume that the millennials have an edge over generation Z in all walks of life. However, I still believe that it is way too early to judge the two groups of the population, well aware of the fact that both the groups have their own uniqueness and strengths. 

About the author:

Ami Desai has been an educator for more than 14 years. Her dedicated efforts towards teaching has won her several recognitions including two successive ZIIEI awards for effective learning. Ami was also bestowed with the CENTA SIMHA’s recognition award for effective teaching and improving mental health of children during the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides her teaching acumen, she also organizes summer camps annually to instill the values of inquisitiveness and positiveness among the kids.


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