How to Start Teaching Online from Home

Created by Mark Davis in Teaching Jobs 17 Sep 2023

Accustomed to chalks and boards, teachers are finding it hard to teach online using a monitor and mouse. 

As we cope with the current situation, here is a quick guide that can help you start teaching online from within the comfort of your homes.

Identify your Subject

Well, yes you see yourself as a teacher and communicator, but what is that you exactly want to teach? Make a list of subjects and concepts that are your strengths and identify which ones you would enjoy teaching. 

Design your Syllabus

Spend time researching about the updates in your subject of interest. If you wish to start teaching Mathematics, find out the new concepts and list them out. Refresh your syllabus, and customise the syllabus accordingly.

Customise your Lesson Plan

Once you have clarity about your syllabus, the next step is to customise the lesson plan. Remember that this lesson plan should be well suited for online learning. Some key pointers that you need to consider while designing your lesson plan are:

  • Length of the lessons
  • Engaging content 
  • Use of digital medium

Keep in mind that the attention span in online learning is significantly less and requires fresh content to keep students engaged. Some of the formats that click well with students online are:

  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Short videos
  • Informative podcasts
  • Animated quizzes and tests

Refresh your Communication Skills

While most teachers are used to speaking loudly in large classrooms, the situation is extremely different online. While teaching online, teachers must remember that their clarity of speech is of utmost importance. The use of body language is quite restricted online as the focus is more on tonality and gestures. 

Find Students to Teach

And of course, the most important step of all, find students who may be interested in the subject you are teaching online. Some of the best ways to find students for your course are:

  • Word of mouth 
  • Recommendation from fellow students
  • Networking through online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher
  • Social Media 

Find Teaching Communities Online

Today, there are several ways to network with fellow teachers online. Platforms such as SuperTeacher, are now helping teachers cope with online teaching skills. They even help teachers launch their own online class in minutes. As you network online, you can also upgrade your skill set with learning resources. 

Upgrade your Skill Set

If for some reason you do find it difficult to cope with online trends, spend time upgrading your skill set. Attend webinars, listen to podcasts and watch informative videos to stay updated.

Look for Opportunities Online

Once you are all set to start teaching online, start applying for opportunities on the internet. Look for companies that require subject matter experts. One of the best ways to start earning with online teaching is to sign up on SuperTeacher, India’s fastest growing online teaching platform. 

With consistent efforts and a drive to learn, it is possible to thrive as a teacher online. As students await teachers to help them learn in the virtual space, it is crucial for teachers to sync well with current teaching practices. 


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