Innovative Teaching Ideas for Digital Teachers

Created by Mark Davis in Online Classes 17 Sep 2023

Online learning is a different arena altogether. And teachers need to possess the requisite skills to ace teaching in the e-learning environment. Although many teachers might have succeeded in getting accustomed to the new-age teaching skills, some others might still be struggling to do so. SuperTeacher has curated some innovative ideas for online teaching to help you familiarise yourself with the e-learning space. 

Digital Teachers Use Digital Classrooms

The use of digital classroom remains one of the top innovative ideas for online teaching. To successfully transition into digital teachers, they need to become a part of a digital classroom. Using this instrument, teachers can communicate and connect effectively with students. They could also create engaging content to enhance students’ interest in the class. Moreover, parents could directly access their children’s assessments and progress reports. 

Make Teaching Personalised

To ace the skills of digital teachers, one should succeed in meeting the requirements of every student in the class. Regarded as one of the key online teaching ideas for teachers, they should conduct regular tests to assess and check the learning capabilities of their students. Teachers can also conduct special classes for students who are weak in particular topics or subjects. Teachers should also ensure that they do not present a sea of knowledge to students in the e-learning space in a shorter interval. This could simply lead to disinterest and confusion among the students. 

Introduce Flipped Classroom

Taking students beyond their textbooks is a key skill that most digital teachers should acquire. This can be well achieved with the use of the flipped classroom. This learning model involves the use of short video lectures, timely assessments and other homework tasks that a student is expected to complete after the class or at home. Teachers solely focus on activities that involve critical thinking and collaborative efforts during a class. Besides, virtual teaching ideas also include the use of a good video tool to curate video tutorials. 

Actively Involve Parents 

The traditional classroom setting does have parent-teacher meetings to ponder upon the child’s academic progress. However, personalised education places a larger emphasis on the active involvement of parents in the learning journey of their children. Tech-enabled learning ensures that parents get detailed information about their child’s academic progress along with the shortcomings to work upon. This ensures larger transparency alongside parents’ involvement in their child’s learning journey. 

Create Student Community 

To build up and bolster the growth of a student in an e-learning space, it is important to inculcate the community values within them. This can be initiated with a short introduction on the first day of the class followed by regular interactive practices such as quizzes and group projects. Being among the key ideas for online teaching, the community spirit boosts a student’s confidence and enhances their communication skills to a greater extent. 

To Conclude

With the aim to provide the best tool to conduct and administer e-learning, the SuperTeacher platform has been developed. This online teaching platform enhances a teacher’s digital learning skills through live lecture tools, simplified student assessments as well as assignment submissions on the go. It provides every relevant tool that a teacher needs to set up a digital classroom and ace their skills. 


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