Learning Guide: Top Instruction for Teachers

Created by Mark Davis in Learning Material 17 Sep 2023

Indeed, the process of transfer of knowledge from a teacher to a student gets hampered. Thus, it is necessary to understand the process of learning for teachers to ensure the best outcomes for their students. Here’s a look at a well-crafted learning guide of teachers. 

Inform Students About Course Design 

Whenever we come across the term course design, we tend to imagine the sequence of topics in which the teacher might present the learnings to us. It could also include summarizing notes. However, summarising the topic and teaching notes is just one aspect of course design. 

Teachers should make it a point to inform their students about the course design. They should begin by explaining the course structure. The instructor should also reveal the way in which the instruction will be imparted, for instance through a lecture, or through interactive learning ways (quizzes, games and lectures). Outlining the due dates for assignments, homeworks and group projects is also another important learning for teachers. 

Make Lectures Engaging and Interactive 

An atmosphere of redundancy might set in due to traditional teaching methods. Hence, making the lectures more engaging and interactive is another important learning for teachers. It is possible to boost student engagement in a classroom by introducing fun learning as mentioned above. Additionally, teachers can divide students into groups and ask them to prepare and present certain topics in the class. Teachers can also help the students learn through documentaries and short informative films. 

Teach with a Personalized Touch

The massive strength of students in an Indian classroom makes it nearly impossible for teachers to implement the concept of personalized learning. However, teachers should chalk out a schedule wherein they interact with students on an individual basis to understand and assess their personalities. This will also help them understand the areas of concern that need urgent attention for any student. Thus, personalized connect is another important learning guide of teachers. 

Draft Action Plans

Drafting an action plan is arguably the most important learning for teachers. It is imperative to explain to students the outcome of the knowledge that they are exposed to. Teachers should also ensure that the values of practicality and applicability are inculcated among the students. This can be done by introducing the students to real-life applications of the knowledge that they gain. Practical experience among the students also helps them grasp and understand their learnings better. 

Thus, it is imperative to understand that there’s a lot more to online teaching than just being subject matter experts. The above-mentioned points form an important aspect of the  learning guide for teachers. Their adoption and implementation are bound to yield better results for the teachers.


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