Online Assessments to Keep Student Progress In Check

Created by Mark Davis in Smart Assessment 17 Sep 2023

Furthermore, online assessments ease teachers’ minds as they don’t have to skim through 200 test papers and score learners. Everything is taken care of by online assessment tools for students. So, how exactly do assessment in online learning keep students’ progress in check? Here are 3 main reasons how:

Highlighting Areas of Improvement

Thanks to online assessments for students, learners receive comprehensive reports. Their test analysis comprises areas of improvement, i.e., subjects where learners need to give special attention to. This aids students in reiterating their learning strategy and curating a better and effective study plan.

Moreover, highlighting areas of improvement also reinforces students’ trust in the education system as they see educators going beyond the limits of rote teaching. They feel their learning needs are taken care of. Thus, online assessments for students help learners progress effectively towards their goals.

Providing In-Depth Analysis

There were so many times in the past where we were shocked to see our test results. We expected more marks and received significantly less. Every student wondered, “where did I go wrong?” “What is the right way to solve the question?” Automated assessment in online learning has changed this landscape completely.

Today, learners receive in-depth analysis in the test papers, all thanks to assessment tools for online classes. Students no longer need to worry about where they went wrong as they get in-depth analysis that motivates them in seeing questions in a completely different light. This is how some of the best online assessment tools for teachers are changing the way students learn. 

Generating Instant Reports

Online assessment tools for students generate instant reports. Long gone are the days where students had to wait for weeks just to get their assessment reports. Thanks to online assessments for students, learners now receive quick reports within minutes. This enables students to resume their studies from the next day and create a brand new timetable. Moreover, educators and students both get to track the study progress simultaneously too. You can choose the best tool for online assessments for students by exploring online.

The aforementioned 3 ways allow teachers to keep track of student’s learning progress. Moreover, learners get to look at studies in a completely new and unique way. If you want to receive automated and comprehensive online assessments for your students, then opt for SuperTeacher app for online teaching. This platform allows you to conduct live virtual lectures and create a brand from scratch. You also get automated attendance, access to a vast digital library, streamlined fee collection and so much more. Sign up today and experience it firsthand.


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