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Online Classes: An Introduction

Online classes can be described as a combination of live lectures and video recording of the same which are supplemented with reading material, assessments and personalized progress reports. These classes are mandatorily conducted through a virtual portal called the learning management system. Teachers can keep the students updated about the online courses, lectures, assignments, and study resources with the use of these virtual teaching portals. 

Apart from these, teachers can keep the parents and students informed about the academic progress and the learning outcomes from time to time. Moreover, online classes are typically self-paced, i.e. students are offered the flexibility to complete the online courses. It completely eliminates the physical barriers and dependencies of a brick and mortar setup to impart education to the students. Hence, teachers have the freedom to enroll students from across the country, without any hindrances and thus conduct lectures online seamlessly. 

Adapting to Online Classes

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, online classes made rapid strides among teachers and students alike, despite the limitations. This further led to newer innovations in the Edtech space, to make teaching a seamless experience for teachers. Now with the schools reopening across the country, physical education has resumed. However, that hasn’t had a major impact on the digital learning process. For instance, more and more schools are swiftly moving towards a hybrid classroom setup. 

Teachers can conduct both online and offline classes in a typical hybrid classroom. Hence, online courses can now be accessed offline, albeit the students’ flexibility. However, online classes will continue to be a preferred choice for teachers and students due to the benefits that comes with it. Technology has not only enriched the academic development of students but also benefited the teachers when it comes to enhancing their reach and enrolments among the students. 


How to start online classes?

Teachers can start conducting online classes with the help of digital teaching platforms like SuperTeacher. 

What is the importance of online classes?

Online classes help teachers conduct lectures from anywhere without any need for a physical classroom setup, and is also affordable for students.

Is online learning good or bad?

Online learning is beneficial for teachers as they can continue to reach out to a wider set of students, irrespective of the geographical location. 

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