TGT: Full Form, Definition & Eligibility Criteria

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‘Educator’ or ‘Teacher’ is a valued and respected profession in India. The country has a long tradition of gurukuls and pathshalas, which are highly revered. Teachers are expected to nurture students academically and show them the right career path. They must also instill values in students and help them grow holistically.

Being a teacher is hard work. Teachers have to complete their schooling and appear for secondary/higher secondary exams. They must also acquire BA/ qualifications from nationally recognised universities. After this, they may even need to sit for competitive exams or clear examinations like TGT, PRT, and PGT. These steps are crucial for securing a teaching job in various schools across the country. 

The TGT Exam is a level of qualification needed by teachers to pursue a career in education. It is conducted by the Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Service Selection Board (UPSESSB) every year in order to identify and recruit eligible candidates to become teachers. 

Candidates who are aspiring to appear for the TGT exam need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and appear for the exam to be considered for the posts. If a candidate fails to fulfill the eligibility, their candidature is disqualified.

Here, we have discussed everything you need to know about the TGT Exam, including the TGT full form, eligibility criteria, and purpose of the TGT exam.

Full Form of TGT

The TGT full form is ‘Trained Graduate Teacher’. It is used to imply teachers who have graduated from college, completed their education, and passed with a minimum of 50% marks. 

Many think that TGT is a course, but it’s not. It is a status or designation associated with a graduate trained in teacher education. For instance, if an individual has completed a minimum of three years of BA or equivalent and one year of B.Ed, then they are called a TGT. 

For interested individuals to qualify as teachers and acquire jobs in educational institutions, they must complete their TGT certification with decent scores. The aim of this certification is to identify capable teachers and to ensure that teachers in India are trained and proficient.

Eligibility Criteria for TGT

Now that we’ve covered the TGT full form, let’s have a look at the eligibility criteria. Keep in mind that if you’re considering appearing for TGT, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria. Or else, your candidature will be disqualified.

 The TGT eligibility criteria are usually defined under certain categories. These categories include nationality, educational qualification, and age limit. Here are the different criteria candidates must fulfill to be qualified for UP TGT job recruitment:

  • Nationality 

Interested candidates must be citizens of India. Candidates can also be Tibetan refugees, but they must have settled in India permanently and have migrated to the country before 1st January 1962. 

  • Age limit 

The minimum age limit for Trained Graduate Teachers is 21 years, and the maximum age limit is of 35 years.

  • Educational qualification 

Interested candidates must be graduates in the subjects they choose to teach, and a B.Ed, BTC, or an equivalent training degree. The conditions to this criterion include:

    •  Candidates should at least have minimum marks of 50% in their specialisation subject, or a 50% minimum graduation degree in the concerned subject.

    • Candidates for BA/B.Com should have graduated in any of the following subjects: Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology, Geography, Psychology, or related subjects for a minimum of two years. Or they must have a graduation degree in the combination of the mentioned subjects in a 3-year degree with a minimum of 50% marks.

    • Candidates for B.Sc must have completed the 4-year integrated course at the NCERT Regional Educational College.

    • Interested candidates must have also cleared UPTET/NET/CTET in the concerned subject.

    • Candidates should be proficient in both English and Hindi.

    • Candidates who are also IT skilled are usually preferred for the teaching positions.

If you’re a TGT aspirant, note that there is no limit on the number of attempts to clear the Trained Graduate Teacher certification. You can appear for UP TGT as many times as you please as long as you satisfy all the eligibility criteria.

Subjects Taught by a TGT

The most common subjects taught by TGT individuals include Vernacular Language (Local), English, Mathematics, Science subjects, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and so on.

Purpose of TGT Exam

    • Being a TGT means you are qualified enough to be a school teacher in educational institutions across the country. The advantages of the TGT Exam is as follows:

    • The certification allows individuals to practice and improve their classroom teaching skills.

    • The candidates are also equipped with knowledge about children and how to deal with them in a classroom environment.

    • The TGT exam provides a platform where individuals can develop their problem-solving and conflict resolution skills, leadership skills, collaborative skills, and organisational skills.

    • The certification filters prospective teachers who are not only skilled in their specialisation subject but are also capable and skilled educators who can guarantee quality education.

    • TGT also empowers interested candidates to uphold and promote the value of education in the country.


How is TGT different from PGT and PRT? 

TGT means Trained Teacher Graduate, whereas PGT stands for Post Graduate Teacher, and PRT means Primary Teacher. They are for different roles and require different exams. 

Should TGT aspirants be proficient in languages other than English? 

Yes. TGT candidates have to be proficient and fluent in both English and Hindi.

Do TGT candidates need prior experience in teaching?

No, TGT candidates do not need prior teaching experience to be qualified or to be eligible for the certification.

Can you re-appear for TGT if you don’t clear it the first time?

Yes, candidates can re-appear for TGT certification as many times as they wish, given that they fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Has the TGT 2022 notification been released yet?

No, the TGT 2022 notification hasn’t been released yet. It is expected to be released sometime in March 2022.

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