Tips for Teaching with Limited Classroom Resources

Created by Mark Davis in Online Teaching 17 Sep 2023

Classroom resources assist teachers in conducting lectures seamlessly. They allow educators to mix and match content delivery and create an engaging learning session for students. However, there are instances where limited teaching resources are available. The reason might be the remote location of the school, lack of funding, or anything else.

Educators need to overcome this hurdle and facilitate high-class teaching with limited resources. They need to make the best use of limited classroom resources and run an engaging session. So how do you achieve the same? Here are 4 unique tips on how to teach with limited resources.

Make The Best Use Of Resources In-Hand

The first and the foremost aspect is to make the best use of resources that are available. Brainstorm a few ideas and maximize use of the resources in your hand. For instance, if you have chalk, you can use it on a blackboard, demonstrate an insolubility experiment, divide the chalk into multiple halves for better use and so much more.

Similarly, make sure even the smallest thing in the classroom is being used for multiple applications. This is one of the efficient ways to conduct classes with limited teaching resources.

Build Strong Rapport With Learners

Even the toughest of the storms can be sailed easily if we have the ones we care about along with us. To facilitate teaching with limited resources, you need to build a strong and genuine rapport with your students. This will allow them to understand your predicament and be more sensitive towards the same. 

Students, too, will actively engage during the lectures because the study environment is friendly, comfortable and nurturing. This will aid you in running seamless lectures with limited classroom resources.

Conduct Engaging Activities That Don’t Require Resources

There are several skills that can be taught in classrooms with limited teaching resources or no teaching resources at all. For example, educators can conduct small contests of writing, public speaking, presentation, and reading in the classrooms. These activities are easy to organize and facilitate seamless teaching with limited resources.

Similarly, other extra activities can also be integrated during the lectures. They allow students to learn soft skills even with limited teaching resources.

Facilitate Team Building Exercise

To ace the art of teaching with limited resources, indulge students in group activities. It could be a simple indoor project or playing outdoor games that require team collaboration. All these activities will teach students how to collaborate, communicate, create accurate judgements, listen before reacting and much more. One doesn’t need to rely on outside resources for the same.

These tips will allow you to master teaching with limited resources. You’ll be able to conduct lectures effectively. Moreover, your value as a teacher will significantly improve too. Educators will have proof that if you could run a classroom with limited resources then what will you truly be able to do if you’re provided with unlimited resources? Furthermore, if you want to conduct online classes then opt for superteacher and go live within minutes.


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