Tips to Make Students Participate in Online Quiz

Created by Mark Davis in Online Learning 17 Sep 2023

This could have further affected the study patterns of the learners. However, technology has enabled teachers to enhance student engagement through ways such as online quiz participation. SuperTeacher takes a look at ways teachers can use to encourage students to participate in an online quiz test. 

Encourage Your Students 

Let your students know that you care for them and not just expect them to deliver academic results. It is very important to instill confidence among students and encourage them every time they complete an online quiz test. Recognize their efforts irrespective of the test outcome. Online quiz for students could be of great help if you simply acknowledge your student’s efforts. Verbal acknowledgment works too. 

Reach Out to Every Learner 

It is important to understand that every student is unique and different. This fundamental should be kept in mind while using the online quiz maker for teachers. As you create the online quiz test, ensure that you include questions that cater to the needs and expectations of every type of learner. A quick tip to enhance online quiz participation is to incorporate pictures and videos. These audio and visual components address and cater to Gardner’s intelligence and appeal to the needs of a diverse set of students. 

Showcase Quiz as an Opportunity to Learn

An online quiz for students is not the ultimate assessment of their academics. Teachers should let their students know that every quiz is an opportunity to enhance their learning potential. It is advisable not to grade every question in the quiz. This can be effectively done while using an online quiz maker for teachers. Also, let every student know that not all the questions will be graded right in the beginning. It is also necessary to inform the students that the main point of the quiz activity is to make learning engaging and they should not worry about the scores. 

Introduce Immersive Answer Session

Students might feel stressed out after completing and submitting their quizzes. As a teacher, you could help them destress themselves by introducing them to a fun and immersive answer session. You could promote an immersive environment in the classroom through comical ways of answer solving. Explain them concepts with real-life examples and applications. Also, talk about common mistakes that students could make and help them in avoiding the same later.  

These are some of the tips from SuperTeacher teaching app. If you haven’t conducted a quiz session yet with your students, do it right away. Start teaching with SuperTeacher and introduce your students to a world of interactive and immersive learning.


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