Tips to Tackle Lack of Concentration Skills for Students

Created by Mark Davis in Online Classes 17 Sep 2023

Indeed, student concentration is one of the most important aspects to ensure that they understand the learnings in school or with a tutor. A lack of concentration in classroom could also lead to mischief during the lectures. To help the teachers tackle this issue, SuperTeacher has analyzed the causes and come up with some key suggestions to inculcate concentration skills for students. 


  • Sleep is vital for every human being out there. Hence, sleep deprivation could be a major reason for lack of concentration and focus among students. 
  • It is observed that student concentration suffers a hit if they are hungry. 
  • Stress is another common cause that affects student concentration skills. Stress often remains unnoticed unless it starts affecting the concentration for students.
  • Students might be vulnerable to emotional and psychological issues, which could have an impact on concentration in classroom. This could be due to issues such as dyslexia, anxiety or physical disabilities. 
  • Many times, a lack of concentration and focus among students can also be triggered by their environment. Students could be susceptible to noise, lighting, temperature or similar other factors.  

Ways to Tackle Lack of Concentration

  • Teachers and parents have a direct role to play in helping students hone their concentration in study skills. To begin with, parents should ensure that children sleep on time. It is also important to maintain a proper 8-hour study cycle. 
  • The concentration span for a 7 or 8-year-old lasts for 15-25 minutes only. Thus teachers should space out classroom sessions of 20-25 minutes each. Teachers can increase the session interval for older students as they tend to have a better attention span. 
  • There should be small intervals for students in between sessions. These intervals could be made productive if teachers engage students in writing, debates or presentations. 
  • Teachers should make learning more interactive and engaging to tackle the problem of lack of concentration and focus. This can be done with the use of creative posters, infographics and artworks. 
  • Introduce the students to memory games as it boosts concentration power. This helps them focus on a particular thing for a longer period of time. 
  • It is important to keep the classroom a clutter-free zone. It is advisable to remove all unnecessary posters from the soft board as these only add to distraction for students in the class. 

To Conclude

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