Top Requirements to Teach English Abroad

Created by Mark Davis in Online Learning 17 Sep 2023

According to an estimate, there are more than 1 billion people learning English as a second language across the world. To teach international, you might not necessarily need a degree in English. So the question arises – how do you look for overseas teaching jobs? SuperTeacher delves into the same in this article. 

Is a College Degree Necessary for Teaching Abroad?

Several countries in Western Europe, Asia and Persian Gulf mandatorily require a professional college degree to become eligible for overseas teaching jobs. However, individual schools might also have their own set of requirements for those seeking opportunities in teaching abroad depending on the nature of the institution (public or private). Moreover, there are several countries particularly in Latin America where English speakers possessing a 4-year degree can be hired to teach English. 

Do You Need TEFL Certificate for Teaching Overseas?

A TEFL Certificate acts as an approval to suggest that you have completed the required training to teach English as a foreign language. A TEFL certificate will open up more opportunities for you in your pursuit of teaching overseas. Although there is no such training before you start off as a teacher, the TEFL course will teach you the skills that you need while teaching abroad. In the absence of a TEFL certificate, teachers might struggle to explore more avenues, however, they could still teach as volunteers.

Is Teaching Experience Necessary?

Some schools do have the requirement of experienced teachers only. However, there will be several other institutions that will be willing to give an opportunity to the freshers to teach international. Thousands of teaching aspirants succeed in landing jobs without any experience. For instance, countries such as Turkey, Taiwan and South Korea offer opportunities every year to TEFL certified teachers despite a lack of experience. 

Do You Need to be a Native English Speaker?

The requirements of a native English speaker for teaching depend across countries. For instance, Latin American countries do not stress the need for native English speakers only. However, several Asian countries and that of the Middle East prefer native speakers primarily. European citizens might not find it difficult to land a job in countries across Europe due to their native status. 

Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for English Teaching Role:

  • Level of English fluency.
  • English accent.
  • Prior training and experience. 
  • Culture of the country you want to teach in.

So these were some of the requirements to teach English abroad. If you do not want to migrate to another country, you could also teach international students within the comfort of your home. SuperTeacher teaching app helps you enroll students from across the world and teach them online at your convenience. 


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