Want to Make Online Classes More Interactive & Fun? Here are 6 unique tips

Created by Mark Davis in Online Classes 17 Sep 2023

To ensure students grasp all the topics taught in the lectures, teachers need to run interactive online classes. Now if you’re wondering how to make online classes more interactive, set your worries aside. We’ve curated 6 unique tips that will help you make online classes fun and engaging for your students at the end of each lecture.

Stimulate Students Minds Visually

A research conducted by 3M Corporation suggests that humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So, the next time while running an online class, use visuals to teach concepts in class. You can utilise images, videos, PPTs, animations and any other visual means. This will help you create an interactive online classroom seamlessly.

Keep Interacting with Learners

Q and A  is a very important part of the traditional classroom experience where students can clear their doubts easily. You can replicate the same experience online. Keep asking students if they have any doubts. Ask them to use the chat window and type out their queries in that moment itself. You can then address those doubts all at once. Another way to keep students engaged is discussing current events around the world with them for 5 min every lecture. This refreshes everyone’s minds and builds a strong rapport – ensuring that you run interactive online classes effectively.

Add Games for Creating Fun Online Classes

Everyone loves to play games. Use this to your advantage and play learning games with students. For example, play a quiz and complete the sentence game with students to revise what was taught during the lecture. This will boost subject comprehension and will create an interactive online classroom.

Keep Your Camera On At All Times

Since conducting face-to-face lectures is not possible, it’s crucial that you keep your camera on at all times. Imagine your students listening to a black box with your initials on it. The engagement rate will substantially decrease. Keeping your camera on at all times builds familiarity with students and keeps them engaged in the ongoing interactive online classes with you. 

Create Breakout Groups

There are various online platforms that allow you to create breakout rooms. You can divide students into multiple groups and give each of them a task or an assignment to complete. This will facilitate group interaction between learners and enable them to build their communication and collaborative skills. As a teacher, you can join any breakout group in the middle and check up on students in case they have any doubts. This will keep them thoroughly engaged and help you build fun online classes.

Give and Seek Feedbacks

Teachers can truly create an interactive online classroom by providing constructive, in-depth feedback and staying open to receiving feedback. Instead of highlighting where the student is weak, tell them what their strengths and areas of improvement are. Using better, constructive words will bolster positivity and actually motivate students to do better. 

You can further find out your areas of improvement too by asking for timely feedback from learners. Create a google form and keep the feedback anonymous. This will instantly create a safe space for students to share what they actually feel about your lecture and teaching style. This will help address your concern on how to make online classes more interactive.

In Conclusion

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