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5 Inclusive Classroom Strategies To Ace Teaching

Every teacher aims to provide the best instruction possible to their students. However, they might encounter problems while dealing with students that have special needs. At times, teachers might end up anxious or stressed in meeting the requirements of such students. It is important to have an inclusive environment in the classroom to enable a better learning experience for every student. However, teachers might struggle to implement the right teaching strategies for inclusive education. SuperTeacher online teaching platform has come up with 5 inclusive classroom strategies to help teachers with the same.

Know Your Students Better 

It is true that establishing bonds with students might be time-consuming. It will also not be an easy task for teachers to influence them to share their interests, struggles and aspirations. Among the first of the 5 strategies for inclusive education, teachers could use surveys and journals to know more about their students. Also, create assignments or assign projects that bring about the best of your students’ personalities. 

Establish a Safe Environment For Students

Students need a definitive time to establish their connection with peers. Teachers should prioritize establishing a safer environment for students by listing it out in their inclusive classroom strategies list. You could split the classroom into smaller groups and implement the “I see, I think, I wonder” strategy. Through this, you get to understand what the students have learned or about any recurring thoughts in their minds. 

Use Varied Ways of Instruction

In the past few years, gamification has seeped into the world of education. Students can now learn and understand concepts with the incorporation of gaming with education. Thus, exploring different ways of imparting instruction in the classroom should be included in the inclusive teaching strategies. Other ways of instruction could also include class presentations, group projects, documentaries, etc. and should be included in your inclusive classroom strategies. 

Pick The Right Literature 

Among other key inclusive teaching strategies is to decide and choose the right and relevant literature for your students. A major part of culturally responsive teaching also involves familiarizing your students with literary works that highlight and manifest human experience. Real-life stories with a literary touch helps the teachers in building up an inclusive classroom environment and is thus fourth in the list of 5 strategies for inclusive education. 

Setup a Strong  Behaviour Management Plan

Building and following a strong behaviour management plan is crucial for an inclusive classroom setup. Begin by clearly communicating your goals and expectations to students. The classroom environment should be crafted in such a way that it is inclusive and meets the diverse needs of students. You could also create a checklist to follow up with the targets that you have set out for your students. 

There are several inclusive classroom strategies which when implemented would result in a better and more inclusive classroom environment. The application of the above 5 strategies for inclusive education is bound to yield better results in the long run.

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