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Exclusive: 6 Qualities of a Good Teacher

Every teacher sets out on their teaching journey with an aim to bring about a qualitative change in the lives of students over generations. This qualitative change in the students can only be harnessed by the professional qualities of a teacher. Indeed, the quality and character of a teacher are instrumental. SuperTeacher takes a look at 6 such qualities of a good teacher.

Good Teachers instill Confidence 

One of the top qualities of a good teacher is that they know the ways and hacks to deal with students who are low on confidence. Many students do not believe that their teachers have complete trust in them. This lack of confidence goes on to affect their academic performance as well. Thus teachers need to make learning goal-oriented, instill a growth mindset, make use of technology and more.

You Manage the Classroom Effectively 

A teacher could possess the relevant knowledge, be an effective communicator and instructor, but still lag behind in managing the classrooms effectively. Classroom management includes every strategy that a teacher needs to deploy to arrange and organize the learning process of their students. Thus, it is also among the top characteristics of a good teacher. You could achieve effective classroom management with defined classroom rules, proper routine and a flexible seating arrangement. 

Qualities of a Good Teacher – Preparation

Among the top characteristics of a good teacher is that they are always prepared to teach. This can be comprehended through better organization of time. Also, teachers need to plan out their lessons in advance. A well-organized and prepared teacher knows her content well and uses a variety of presentation techniques to enhance the students’ learning outcomes. 

High Expectations are Set for Students 

One of the top qualities of a good teacher is that they do not limit their students. Instead, they consistently set high standards for their students and challenge them to outdo themselves in academics. Appreciate them when they perform well, but do not shower praises if they lag behind. 

Reflect on Yourself 

A study conducted in 2010 suggested that teachers should continuously examine and evaluate their practices, attitude, effectiveness, and accomplishments. Thus, critical reflection has proven to play a key role in enhancing teachers’ knowledge and skills. Thus, self-reflection is to be incorporated into the list of professional qualities of a teacher. 

Use Effective Teaching Strategies 

As most educators might be aware by now, the traditional method of imparting instruction might not work always. The introduction of newer technologies has brought about several new ways of teaching. Teachers could incorporate active learning strategies which center the learning process around the students. Moreover, strategies like experimental learning and project-based learning are quite effective as well. 

Thus, teachers need to follow the 6 qualities to not just enhance their teaching process but also boost their students’ learning outcomes. For teachers who are keen on conducting live lectures online to maximize their student reach, SuperTeacher is the ultimate teaching platform for you. 

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