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How to Develop an Inclusive & Diverse Classroom Environment?

Educational institutions are considered the second home for children, largely due to the fact that they learn the basics of everything here. If the children lack the feeling of absolute comfort studying or growing up in a hostile learning environment, it could simply affect their academic and personal development. Thus, it is of absolute importance to have a diverse learning environment. 

The educational system currently focuses on the physical and emotional security of children. However, the changing times demand an emphasis on psychological safety as well. This could only be achieved with a diverse and inclusive classroom environment. SuperTeacher has come up with ways through which you as a teacher can develop an inclusive and diverse classroom environment. 

Empathize with Students 

Empathy is arguably the most difficult emotion to portray as a teacher. Every person present in the classroom will have different experiences. Many times, it would simply not be possible to empathize with children who have been raised in different environments. However, empathy is a key aspect of any inclusive learning environment. Hence, teachers need to empathize with the emotions of the students to establish a diverse classroom environment. 

Stay Updated with Latest Trends 

There’s a definite generational gap between teachers and students. This generational gap could be the root cause of a lack of coordination between teachers and their students. The classroom environment could turn hostile if you as a teacher are unable to relate to the students. Hence, time demands that you move out of your comfort zone. 

Stay updated with the news such as social issues or those that are directly related to students. When you stay in touch with the latest developments, you are in a better position to discuss those with your students and take a step towards an inclusive and diverse learning environment.

Appreciate Diverse Perspectives 

Ask your students to be vocal and voice their opinions. You should encourage every student in your classroom to feel confident and comfortable enough to share their opinions and perspectives with you or their peers. This is an important stepping stone to building a diverse classroom environment. 

Introduce Different Teaching Styles 

To promote a diverse classroom environment, teachers should ensure that their teaching styles are not redundant. The redundancy in teaching could set in if you are using the same teaching method for a long period of time. Introduce different teaching styles such as interactive learning, presentations, group discussions, projects, etc. Implementation of these methods will definitely aid in the promotion of a diverse learning environment. 

So these were some of the top ways to develop an inclusive classroom environment. Using these tips will definitely be of utmost help in boasting about an inclusive learning environment. To further your aim of a diverse learning environment, you should become a part of SuperTeacher. This online teaching platform promotes the values of the tech-enabled inclusive learning environment. 

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