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5 Benefits of Digital Teaching Resources for Online Classes

From parchment paper, slates, and chalkboards to now mobiles and laptops, we’ve all come a long way. In the past couple of decades, there has been a tremendous shift from the traditional classroom process to online teaching. Similarly, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned that a lot more can be done online with the use of technology. Gone are days when teachers had to jot down every minute detail and keep a manual track of various tasks such as attendance, evaluation, and so on. 

The integration of technology in education has been beneficial for teachers and students, both. Here’s SuperTeacher presenting 5 benefits of digital teaching resources

Personalized Learning 

No two students are the same, so why should their learning be? Using digital teaching resources, teachers can curate customized learning pathways for students based on individual learning, pace, and capabilities. With different learning tools, they can assign tasks, undertake assessments and analyze results. These, in the long run, stop children from being just a cog in the wheel. It also helps them realize and reach their full potential.

Digital Library

In the traditional model of study, students had to rely on teachers or limited books in the library. Now digital resources of learning include links to recorded lectures, library catalogs, digitized question papers from previous years, subject-wise visual presentations, and digital resources’ discussion forums, among others. Thanks to technology, the unavailability of information is no longer an excuse. Students can maximize their learning with updated content and revisit the topics they find challenging at their convenience.

Smart Assessment

Teachers can monitor the student’s engagement in the classroom and access online records of the work and tests undertaken by them. With real-time performance analysis and auto-generated reports, assessment becomes more transparent and productive. It enables the teachers to measure the performance and come up with effective solutions for their students. Similarly, students also receive detailed reviews about their performance and the opportunity to improve upon the same. 

Ease of Access

Students are often shy or hesitant to ask questions and choose to stay stuck with their doubts. Moreover, the massive headcount in a classroom makes it difficult for teachers to resolve the doubt of every student. With digitization, this gap has been bridged. It is now easier for students to connect with their teachers to get their doubts answered, even after school hours. Digital teaching has also empowered teachers further to identify problems and provide the right guidance to students. 

Shareable Content

With the right digital teaching platform, sharing content with students is now a click away! Online teaching apps like SuperTeacher provide ready access to a vast content repository, filled with learning resources. Teachers can simply share these resources with their students to enhance their learning outcomes. This form of connected learning enables coordination and leads to better communication and collaboration between the teachers and their students. 

So, if you are a teacher and would like to avail the benefits of a digital teaching resource, join SuperTeacher!It enables teachers to create multiple batches, schedule, and conduct lectures seamlessly, on the go! SuperTeacher further eases out administrative tasks, has an automated attendance tracker, in-built assessment reports, and much more. Make life easy! Become a SuperTeacher now!

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