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5 Brilliant Ways to Use Voice Technology for Teaching

Teachers are embracing technology in class to make learning more interactive and engaging. While smart boards, video animations and infographics have been widely in use, teachers are now exploring voice assistant and online teaching. Voice assistant technology like Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa makes it easier and quicker to retrieve information from the internet. However, searching for information is not the only use of voice technology. Here are 5 smart ways to integrate voice assistant and online class:

Scheduling and Time Management

Voice assistants can make it easier to manage classroom time. These can be used in both online or offline classes. Teachers can easily break up the class time into chunks and schedule it on their Google calendar or the respective calendar that is linked to the voice assistant. The voice assistant can remind the class when it is time to move to the next section or lesson. This way, teachers don’t have to keep track of time, which is especially difficult in online classes. The voice assistant online learning will do the trick.


There are many podcasts now available that are very valuable from an educational point of view. Voice assistants inside the classroom can be used to search for and listen to relevant podcasts in class. This implies that students and teachers have access to high-quality content anywhere, anytime through voice assistant and online teaching. Some podcasts have great content with depth that surpasses that of video content! Teachers can leverage the power of podcasts to make learning more effective.

Read Stories and Books

A fun way of using voice assistants in class is to read books or stories. Teachers can use voice assistants to make students listen to books, stories, passages, and poems. Voice assistants give the option of making these stories more interactive by giving choices. Students can choose from the given options based on which the book or story will progress. Students find this fun and engaging.


Voice assistants can also be used to set the mood of the class. Using voice commands, teachers can choose which music to play during the class and make adjustments as per the requirement. For instance, when doing an activity, there can be fun music. During a lesson, there can be soothing music. Teachers can also experiment using white noise when the class gets noisy. Music can also be incorporated as part of the activity itself. For instance, teachers can customise the idea of musical chairs to execute a quiz in class.


Voice assistant and online teaching are gaining popularity because they are interactive and engaging, being technology-intensive. Teachers can use voice assistants to ask quizzes in class. They can customise them for different voice commands and use them as part of classroom activities. The best part about voice assistants is that they do not require coding skills or technology skills to make the best use of them.

These were 5 smart ways in which you can use voice assistance technology in the classroom, both online and offline. Being different from the regular methods of instruction, these methods will make your classes interesting and engaging. You can also try applying these when taking online classes on SuperTeacher teaching app.

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