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5 Quick Ways to Improve Teaching

Teachers are often concerned about how they can improve teaching. Managing a classroom is one thing, and teaching effectively is another. While most teachers ace the art of managing classrooms, improving the learning outcomes of students is a greater challenge. However, teachers find it truly rewarding if they successfully improve teaching skills. Here are 5 quick ways in which teachers can become better at teaching and keep students motivated and driven towards academic excellence:

Performance Evaluation

A very effective method to improve teaching is by deciding your goals for the day, week, month, and year. You can then assess how many of these goals you met at the end of the decided tenure. Evaluate which goals you achieved and why, which ones you did not achieve and the reasons behind it, what are the skills you can improve on, which teaching styles worked and which didn’t, and so on. If you ask yourself these questions and reflect on your performance, you can drastically improve teaching skills as you progress further.


Technology is now an integral part of education. There are numerous learning resources like animations, videos, interactive whiteboards, quiz tools, simulation software, and so on that teachers can stitch into their lesson plans. These tools help students not just learn better but also recall the information easily. You can learn to use technology such as these visual aids, apart from educational websites and platforms to deliver the best instruction possible.


It’s best to solicit feedback directly from students. You can circulate forms (online or offline) among students with questions on how they feel during class, are they comfortable asking questions, are they finding the teaching style effective enough, and so on. The more well thought out your questions are, the more useful the feedback will be to improve teaching. However, you need to make sure students know the responses are anonymous. Otherwise, you may end up with biased or inaccurate answers.

Networking with Peers

One of the easiest ways to improve teaching skills is to network with other teachers. Talk with other faculty members to find out how they are coping with the challenges of teaching. What methods do they find most effective? What are their learnings throughout their teaching experience? Exchanging tips and tricks with other teachers is sure to improve teaching. It will also help boost your confidence and will help you nurture a healthy support system from your peers.

Learning Styles

Another method of improving your teaching is by analysing the learning styles of your students. Every student has a different learning style that suits his competencies. If you can identify the major categories of learning styles in your class, you can tailor your instruction to fit these. In the long run, you will make your teaching effective and improve the learning outcomes of your class.

These were 5 ways to improve teaching skills. These will be helpful in both online and offline classroom settings. Try starting with one and then build on the other methods to see the difference. If you want to teach effectively, you can also try using SuperTeacher, an all-in-one tutor platform for teachers to help them teach and inspire students worldwide.

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