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How Much Can a Teacher Earn from Teaching Online?

With the growing acceptance and popularity of online education, more and more students are looking for online tuitions and courses. The increasing demand is also encouraging teachers to take up online teaching. But many often wonder what a teachers salary is if s/he takes online classes.

Online Teaching Salary

As per a report by The Economic Times, teachers pay when teaching online depends on a number of factors like qualifications, experience and number of classes they take. The potential teachers salary is close to INR 200/hour and this amount can go up to INR 500 as a teacher progresses and gains in both experience and popularity. Another report suggests that the average online teachers salary in India is around INR 22,500 per month. The salary can range from INR INR 10,000 to INR 40,000 per month.

Ever since the pandemic, as more and more students and teachers are warming up to online classrooms, the income of teachers taking online classes has increased. Students are seeking online tuition classes and also want to learn other skills online. Teachers who have risen up to meet this demand have been successful in creating and running an online tuition business. This has also led to an increase in teachers pay. Digital education is the future of learning and this is proved by the increasing popularity and demand for online teachers.

Platforms for Teaching Online

Teachers can teach online on several platforms like YouTube and Udemy. However, these platforms require teachers to create and upload video courses and earn indirect revenue through the number of views or enrolments to courses. Newer platforms like SuperTeacher are now providing alternative ways for teachers to generate an income. Teachers can take live online classes for any subject or for any skill they like to teach. Fee is directly collected from students through the online platform. This way, teachers salary depends on the number of classes they take and the number of students they enroll.


Teaching is a noble profession. But most often, teachers have the psychological barrier of asking for fee payments and constantly reminding students for fee dues. They do not like to see themselves as businessmen. This problem can be overcome with the help of live online classes platforms that manage fee collection on their own. Another challenge for teachers that may adversely affect online teaching salary could be the popularity of the teacher. Teachers need to promote their brand on channels like social media, tuition directories and so on. By promoting themselves as a brand, teachers can see a marked increase in the student enrolments and this directly affects a teachers salary.

Teachers can become not just successful teachers but successful edupreneurs by going digital. Teachers who are looking to start their online classes can do so at SuperTeacher, a platform that simplifies the process of taking online classes while at the same time taking care of the administrative tasks for teachers.

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