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Things Teachers can do as Schools Reopen for Safe learning

As we gradually recover from the pandemic, there are talks underway with regard to schools reopening. With more than a year of online teaching and zoom calls, the transition from in-house to school classrooms is not going to be an easy one, both for students and teachers. SuperTeacher takes a look at measures teachers can take to ensure a smooth transition as schools restart.

Ensure a Safe, Sanitized Space for Learning

With health being the top priority, it is essential for teachers to provide a safe, socially distanced classroom experience in school. This may require teachers to split students into smaller batches to conduct classes in a safe manner.

Take Time to Recover from ‘Work-from-Home’ 

The pandemic compelled teachers to work from home and take online classes for a significant period of time. And despite the technological struggles, several teachers had adapted quite well to online lessons. But with schools restarting, teachers must realize that the transition will be challenging for them as well as students. Thereby, they must give students space and time to adapt to the classroom environment.  

Continue Hybrid Learning Techniques

Why think of hybrid learning, you may ask. The answer is simple. To continue classroom sessions in a socially distanced manner, teachers will require to bifurcate batches into small groups of students. This in-turn, will require teachers to conduct a greater number of classes.To avoid strain and to ensure a safe space, teachers can continue online lessons for those students who may be reluctant to attend school in-person.

Shuffle Batch Sizes to Maintain Safe Distance

Thanks to the pandemic, the chalk and board experience may not feel the same this time. A batch of 40 students for example may have to be split into groups that can attend school and those that will take the sessions online. These groups can be alternated so that students are given a socially distanced school environment to learn at ease. 

Let Students Slide into Routine

While online classes have kept students on their toes, many students have lost touch with their morning routines. For many, waking up on time will be a struggle as schools restart.  Empathize with students and help them transition smoothly. Do not judge them or penalize them in their testing times.

 Exchange Ideas with other Teachers

Meeting other teachers and speaking about issues, will help adapt to classrooms more effectively. Discuss ideas with fellow teachers on how to help students focus in class, especially after a challenging phase of the pandemic. Implement less stressful ways of teaching and help students adapt better to classroom etiquettes. 

As schools restart amid stringent health guidelines, it is a challenge for teachers and students to get back on their toes. Quite literally. However, with necessary measures and intervention, teachers can ensure that the 2.0 version of classrooms is turned into a meaningful learning experience.

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