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Tips & Tricks to Teach in Virtual Classroom

Online classrooms are now the new normal in the teaching profession. Even with some schools restarting, online classrooms continue as part of hybrid learning to help conduct socially distanced classes. As teachers grapple with the transition to online, it is important for them to upgrade their skill sets. Knowing the latest versions of virtual communication helps teachers get an edge in online teaching. While there is no shortcut to upgrade to online teaching, here are some tips and tricks to teach in an online classroom: 

Upgrade with Technology

Familiarize yourself with new technologies online. Learn about virtual meeting platforms and video conferencing tools which are widely used as online classrooms. First and foremost, upgrade to a stable internet connection. Mobile data is also a medium of internet for conducting online classes but it tends to fluctuate often. Fix your internet woes before taking the leap to online teaching.

Redesign the Syllabus

School syllabus patterns would not function well with online classes. Research the topics to be covered and analyze the syllabus well. Design the syllabus according to online teaching requirements. Plan which topics require more work in terms of online teaching. For example, a chapter in physics could be split into 15 minute sessions for an online class and restructured accordingly. Prioritize restructuring important topics so that they are easy to grasp online. This also aids in teaching the topic more effectively online.

Customize Teaching Content

As attention spans online are relatively less as compared to in-person sessions, it is imperative to customize lesson plans accordingly. Some of the forms that can be easily used to make content engaging are mentioned below: 

  • Powerpoint presentations and slideshows
  • Excel sheets and simple tabular forms
  • Concept-based animated videos 
  • Infographics for complex concepts

With a well balanced usage of graphic elements and text, try and make your online lessons engaging. 

Enhance Communication Skills

Online teaching requires utmost clarity of speech as the attention span of students is relatively short. Online teaching primarily relies on key factors such as:

  • Voice Modulation
  • Voice Projection
  • Use of body language and gestures
  • Tonality and clarity of speech

  The main aim of focussing on the above key points is to reach students effectively and  retain their attention in the online environment.            

Find Teaching Communities Online

One way of keeping in touch with new methods is to stay connected with fellow teachers online. Online teaching platforms have exclusive teaching communities of more than ten thousand teachers online. Following such communities on social media is a good way to reach out for clarifications with fellow teachers. Another way of getting well versed with online teaching is by actually taking the leap and starting your own online class on platforms like SuperTeacher. This will not only help you reach students, but also give you all the technical assistance required to teach online.

With an insight of online teaching trends, teachers can easily transit to online teaching. All they need is a fresh perspective with focus on refreshing their communication skills. Thanks to technology, learning resources are now easily accessible online. With teaching platforms like SuperTeacher, it has now become easy for teachers to connect with their students from the comfort of their homes and teach effectively. While online teaching does require effort to upgrade technologically, it is definitely here to stay as the new normal in the teaching profession.

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