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What Is the Micro Teaching Technique?

The integration of technology in the field of education has resulted in the rise of several new teaching techniques. This amalgamation of new teaching methods with the old and traditional ones are all aimed at providing the best learning outcome for the students. Among the several prominent methods is the microteaching teaching technique that has gained credence among the teachers over a period of time. 

What is Micro Teaching? Micro Teaching Definition 

To put it in simpler terms, micro teaching refers to a teacher training technique that provides the teachers with an opportunity to balance up their teaching skills. This is done by improving at various tasks that we commonly refer to as teaching skills. 

Having already been proved as a success among new teachers and experienced ones, micro teaching helps in promoting real-time teaching experiences. Some core skills of micro teaching like presentation and reinforcement skills help the less-experienced teachers in learning the art of teaching with ease and to the best of their ability. Having understood the micro teaching definition, let us now look at how this particular teaching method benefits the teachers. 

Role of Micro Teaching for Teachers 

Micro teaching is a major way through which teachers can receive detailed feedback on their teaching skills and method. Here, teachers are asked to teach a short lesson or a piece of information to a group of colleagues or students. Based on their presentation and way of instructing, this group then submits detailed feedback on the pros and cons of your teaching style. 

Micro teaching subjects might vary. It could be tailored according to the knowledge level of your prospective audience or could be a subject for which you have passion. Whatever you chose from among the two, you need to have enough confidence when presenting yourself in front of the audience. 

Tips for a Great Micro Teaching Session 


You should plan your micro teaching lesson using lesson planning skills that you already have. This will make it easier for you to define the objective better, understand the resources required as well as the success of your lesson. 

Plan Interaction:

Due to the onset of the pandemic, teachers now face the cameras more often than they did ever before. Whether you’re presenting in front of an online class or recording the presentation for your own reference, it is very important to introduce the possibility of engagement in your presentation or lesson. 

Maintain Control:

You need to ensure that you succeed well in maintaining the interest of your audience. You need to draw out proper lines between theatrics and lecturing during the lesson presentation. 

Tab on Time:

You will not have an ample amount of time while presenting to your audience. Hence, it is imperative to always understand the restraints of time. You can make the most use of time by highlighting the most important and interesting points to mesmerise your audience. Have some time reserved for questions or a summary if you are recording the session. 

Key Requirements of Micro Teaching

Introductory Skill:

One of the most important micro teaching skills is the skill for the introduction. Teachers should master the skill of giving a decent introduction to their students before they begin with a lesson. Teachers should provide the students with a framework to work upon. This acts as a great way for teachers to understand that the student has an idea of the topic. Some major elements of micro teaching introductory skills include maximising the use of students’ previous knowledge, using the right device, ensuring continuity and use of relevant statements. 

Explaining Skill:

Next on the list of micro teaching skills is the ability to explain to your audience. This skill is regarded as an intellectual activity that a teacher should possess. Ideas and concepts must be communicated well with the students so that they understand the topic better and attain conceptual clarity of the same. Teachers should also be able to relate facts with other sets of facts to link up the topic better. 

Questioning Skill:

The art of questioning is counted among the top micro teaching skills. This skill in the micro teaching technique helps in bringing about meaningful discussions by way of questioning the topic in place. It ignites curiosity and broadens the subject matter understanding of the students. Moreover, it also encourages the teachers to try out different ways of teaching in the classroom. 

Stimulus Variation Skill:

The stimulus variation skill in micro teaching is a method through which the teacher tries to keep the students engaged in the topic by changing their behaviour. It is basically used to capture a student’s attention by putting to use the different stimuli for maximum response in the classroom. A stimulus basically refers to something that evokes a functional reaction within the tissues. It has a particular response on the learner. Some key elements of stimulus are movement, gesture, focus, change in the style of interaction, student’s active participation and so on. 

Reinforcement Skill:

Teachers generally use the reinforcement skill to encourage more and more responses from the students. Notably, this is done using non-verbal actions such as smiles or verbally through praises. It is a response technique that is based on the concept of feedback. It helps in reinforcing the student behaviour with the application of positive reinforcement rather than negative ones. 

Blackboard Writing Skill:

Blackboard writing is considered a major micro teaching skill as it is used to shift focus, grab attention and highlight vital concepts. It is a good instrument to bring about clarity of concept and perception. It also adds variation to the lesson that is being presented. 

The Skill of Achieving Closure:

Introducing the students to a lesson or concept is easy. However, giving closure to the very same topic could turn out to be a difficult task. Teachers should ensure that they end a topic systematically without any haste. They should give assignments to students so that they remember and practice the topic better. 

So this was all about micro teaching, one of the major teaching skills that when put to use, adds value to the student’s learning. Keep following SuperTeacher, India’s fastest growing online platform for teaching for more insightful and detailed information. 

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