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Why is Homework Important

Ever since the emergence of a formal system of education in the world, homework has been a prominent aspect of learning for students. We, as students, have received homework assignments throughout our schooling life. In recent times, there’s been a debate on the importance of homework as a key aspect of learning and whether it should be discarded completely. 

The Changing Narrative Around Homework 

Just like every person related to the teaching fraternity, I too have my own perspective on the necessity of homework. Today, students are extremely busy with multiple tasks at hand, not always restricted to textbook learning. 

With the growing competition and the requirement of diverse skill sets, the expectations from students have grown manifold. They are expected to understand the new technological advances better than anyone else. 

Hectic Schedules Could Lead to Burnout 

After spending almost six hours at school, students are assigned additional homework tasks which again occupy at least an hour. In the remaining hours, students either participate in extra-curricular activities or learn new skills. 

Students who operate under such tight schedules are at a higher risk of hampering their physical and mental wellbeing. This could further result in a lack of concentration in studies and lead to complete burnout. 

Therefore, it is important for teachers to understand that students should have dedicated time to pursue their hobbies and areas of interest. Pursuance of hobbies is regarded as the ultimate stress-buster, while it also relaxes the mind and the body. 

My Verdict on Homework

Hence, I believe that homework should be discarded altogether as a mandatory tool for effective learning. Moreover, the students’ schedules should be prepared in such a manner that they get an ample amount of time to pursue their hobbies and actively participate in extracurricular activities.

About the Author:

Mr. Anil Kumar Jaswal is an author of 3 books and has been an educator for over 15 years. In addition to stories, lyrics, skits and two web series, he also has a collection of more than 4000 poems. He is an award winning poet and has also been declared as a “Star performer” by Yeh Alfaaz.

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