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Career and Salary Guidance For Math Graduates

The Covid-19 pandemic has propelled the quick adoption of e-learning, not only in India but across the globe. Today, most educational institutions prefer to conduct their learning sessions online. Similarly, most private tutors have also gone the online way to ensure that their students continue their learning process unhindered. 

Among the teaching fraternity, there has always been a much larger emphasis on mathematics, as compared to other subjects in the fray. Additionally, the requirements and pay structure for the math teachers would wary as well. Additionally, you could also explore other professions after completing your graduation in mathematics. Hence, SuperTeacher has come up with career and salary guidance for teaching aspirants who are keen on joining the math bandwagon. 

Top Mathematician Skills

Many students love maths as a subject and go on to pursue their careers in the same subject. A degree in mathematics helps them in applying their analytical skills and logical ability. To put it in simple terms, a degree in mathematics can be beneficial not just for you as an individual but can have larger benefits for society.

Hence, as a mathematics graduate who is looking to jump into the ship, you need to possess a few skills. Being analytical, coherent and logical are among the top asks from a mathematician. Another key skill that recruiters vouch for among the online maths teaching jobs seekers is modelling. Using the modelling approach, mathematicians or online maths teaching jobs seekers possess the ability to solve critical problems. 

Other Options Apart from Online Maths Teaching Jobs

Apart from taking up online maths teaching jobs, a mathematician can also step into the corporate world. Several financial companies are always keen on hiring maths graduates. They hire such graduates because they have developed an aptitude that is in sync with computational analysis and financial mathematics. This makes them an ideal candidate to work as a tax consultant or investment analyst. 

Here are some of the top job picks for maths graduates:

Maths Professor:

A professor in mathematics is generally associated with a university or with institutions of higher studies. As a maths professor, you are expected to conduct lectures and career out various research projects. According to the latest industry trends, you can earn an average salary of INR 65,000 per month. 


Maths graduates have a wider scope of landing an opportunity as a banker apart from the regular online maths teaching jobs. Besides fulfilling the regular tasks such as dealing with financial assets and liabilities, you can play a wider role such as developing financial model solutions, conducting market research and creating business opportunities. Your average salary could be in the range of INR 50,000 per month. 


As a statistician, you are expected to gather and interpret data, streamline numbers, tabulate and analyse it. On average, a statistician earns around INR 30,000 per month. 

Financial Advisor:

As a financial advisor, you are tasked with the responsibility of managing the portfolios of different individuals and then investing them into assets, investments and insurance. Your average salary hovers around INR 40,000 per month. 

So these were some of the professions a mathematician can get into, apart from the regular online maths teaching jobs. Besides, you can also set up your own maths online teaching business with SuperTeacher. Being India’s fastest growing online teaching app, it allows you to schedule and conduct your lectures, set up multiple batches, track attendance automatically and more.

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