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Finding a Job as an English Teacher – Application Letter Tips

Teaching English as a profession has a large scope of opportunities. But finding the right job is a challenging task and requires one to be well prepared. Here in this article, we will take you through the most important step to finding the right job as an English teacher.

Drafting the Right Application Letter 

Choose the Right Format:

In an application for teaching job in English, it is imperative that you choose the right formatting styles. Here are some checkpoints that can help you choose the right format.

  • Ensure that the font is legible and easy to read
  • Check the grammar and spelling of every sentence 
  • Avoid using oversized fonts 
  • Avoid fancy fonts, stick to professional fonts
  • Give adequate space between words, letters and sentences
  • Get someone to proofread your application letter before sending it out

 Engage the Reader

Try to engage the reader in the important parts of your application. Make your credentials stand out and establish credibility. The formatting of the letter must be such that the reader is coerced into reading the important information. Any application for teaching job in English will firstly require grammatically correct content in the letter. Remember not to use too much flair and exaggeration as a display of your English skills. Make the application clear and crisp.

Add Recommendations from Previous Institutes

In an application for teaching job in English, adding a recommendation letter from your previous employer adds value. In case you do not possess any such recommendation due to no previous experiences, it is alright.

You can still add details such as the training modules that you have completed, and awards and certifications that you have received in previous years of employment. Adding these details ensures that you are a trustworthy employee and an ideal candidate for the employment.This also certifies that you are hardworking and ambitious.

Understand the Organisation 

In the desperation to find a job, most candidates forget to research about the organisation they are applying to. While drafting an application for teaching job in English, it is important to know details about the institution. Once you know about the institution, you will automatically have a better understanding of what to mention in your application. While drafting an application for teaching job, consider the following questions and research accordingly:

  • Is the institute recognised or not?
  • Does the institute value the subject adequately?
  • Does the institute value your teaching experience?

Cover Letter

While most candidates skip the cover letter, it is important to understand its value in a job application. A cover letter signifies your strengths in alignment with the job profile. It establishes the basic difference between a mechanical application and a genuine one. The reader understands that you value the requirements of the role. 

Use Professional Templates

It is usual for teachers to find application letters intimidating. Not everyone manages to write the best application letter. If you are not confident of drafting it yourself, feel free to use professional application letter templates available online. Just fill in the details accordingly and make sure you have added the right inputs.

The Closing

After completing the ideal, grammatically correct application for teaching job in English, make sure you conclude it right. The closing comprises the last set of sentences of your application. The part where you request the reader to consider your application and value your experience. Always ensure a polite and professional closing communication in your application.

With teaching experience in the language and consistent efforts, it is definitely possible to land the right job as an English teacher. English teachers play a significant role in communication and have known to reach global avenues with the right guidance. English teachers are now exploring even online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher . All you need to do now is value your experience and get going on your job applications!

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