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How to Discipline Children – Tips from Experienced Teachers

One of the primary responsibilities of handling a classroom is to discipline students in the batch. As we all know, not all students are the same. Every student has a unique personality. While some students are well-mannered and obedient, there are many others who need guidance. An experienced teacher knows well how to discipline children into learning effectively. 

Some of the ways that can help teachers discipline children are mentioned below.

Patience is Key

Young minds are like fresh clay and need moulding with the right guidance. Usually it is observed that teachers tend to get impatient with children in the primary and pre-primary classes. However, an experienced teacher would know that such methods barely contribute to motivating the children. In order to motivate children towards being disciplined, patience is key. Being patient with the unruly ones also helps the teacher understand them better. Being patient does not mean letting go of disobedience, but it simply means being assertive yet polite – a thin line that an experienced teacher would be familiar with. 

Involving Parents in the Child’s Progress

Involving parents in the childs’ academic performance helps parents guide them accordingly. Involving parents does not necessarily mean complaining about the child’s behaviour to them. It merely means that parents must take note of the indiscipline and try to help the child. It is observed that children who have parental involvement in their academics tend to perform better in school. As for others who may not have parental involvement, it is important to guide them patiently.

Use of Positive Reinforcement 

Renowned psychologist B. F. Skinner introduced the concept of positive reinforcement in behavioural patterns. According to his theory, encouraging the right behaviour motivates the child to make an effort towards the right behaviour. 

Any experienced teacher, having taught several student batches, would have practiced this theory too. Reward the students who are disciplined without labelling the ones who need guidance. Leaving that window open helps them gradually realize the importance of discipline themselves.

Personality Development Sessions

Education is not just about memorizing answers and scoring marks. It revolves around strengthening the child’s personality as well. Set aside at least 30 minutes a week to guide students on their personality development issues. Scheduling a session with personality development coaches is a great way in that direction. Personality development coaches help counsel students about their issues with discipline. This goes a long way in shaping a childs’ behavioural patterns effectively. 

Educational Videos and Content

We are no longer in the era of teaching under the shade of a tree. In this day and age, we have easy access to educational content online. This type of content makes it easier for children to grasp concepts like behavioural patterns and etiquettes. Videos based on behavioural science and moral stories can be used as teaching tools to reinforce the importance of discipline. To become an experienced teacher, it is imperative to stay updated with modern teaching practices.

There is no hack to discipline children. With directional inputs from an experienced teacher, one can only explore what works best for them. For decades, this has been a challenge for teachers to handle. Teaching, like any other profession, requires patience, hard work and consistency. However, an experienced teacher is one who understands the psychology of the students and trains them accordingly. For more such tips from the teaching community, join online teaching platforms like SuperTeacher to stay updated.

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