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Tips to Become a Successful Junior Teacher

Teaching as a profession has always remained an awe-inspiring field to work in for many college students in the past several decades. However, apart from the positions such as teacher, professor and tutor, we are largely unaware of the various hierarchies that exist within the profession. In this article, SuperTeacher takes you through one of the most important yet least known hierarchies – junior teacher. Also, let us understand the junior teacher vacancy for job seekers. 


Junior teachers are generally referred to as those professionals who have recently kickstarted their teaching careers or those who are in an early stage of teaching. The demand for this position can be comprehended from research that suggests that between 2018 and 2028, the junior teacher vacancy is likely to swirl up by at least 3%. 

In the USA for instance, it is expected that 21,400 teacher vacancies will spring up during the 10-year period. Additionally, in the USA, junior teachers have a higher demand and make up at least $24.72 an hour on average.

How to Become a Qualified Junior Teacher? 

If you wish to become a junior teacher, then you should first need to understand the level of qualification that is desired by educational institutions. Presently, research suggests that over 72.6% of junior teacher vacancy has been filled up by graduates. 

When speaking strictly about the higher education levels, 15.9% of the junior teacher vacancy was occupied by professionals who have completed a master’s degree. Other degrees that are also seen include diploma programs. 

Career Graph for Junior Teacher 

Before applying for a junior teacher vacancy, you would ponder about your graph in the teaching profession after attaining some level of experience. For instance, you could start as a teacher and then go on to attain important professional roles such as that of a supervisor, vice-principal or principal of the educational institution. 

Top Skills to Possess

In the previous articles, we have seen the ways to create a top-notch resume and application letter in order to contend for a junior teacher vacancy. Now, let us understand some top skills that shall benefit you in the long run. 

Classroom management remains the top skill for you. Indeed, the ability to manage the classroom effectively will determine the way forward in the teaching profession. Similarly, you need to be a good lesson planner. The ability to plan lessons effectively will directly have an impact on the academic outcome of your students. Moreover, you should also be skilled at identifying and using the right instructional materials to help your students learn better. 

So these were some of the tips to become a successful teacher. Alternatively, you could sign up for SuperTeacher, India’s fastest growing online classes app. This app for online teaching helps you schedule your lessons, conduct lectures, connect with students seamlessly and more. Sign up now!

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