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Tips to Find Best Online Teaching Jobs

The increasing use of technology in the field of education has brought about many changes in the past decade. Today, education is accessible at your fingertips. Students can scroll through a sea of information on the internet instantly. Similarly, the process of teaching has shifted to the virtual space with teachers now using the internet to continue fulfilling their professional duties. 

With the growing prominence of e-learning, there is an abundance of online teaching jobs available. But how do you figure out the right pick for you? SuperTeacher emphasizes various ways through which you can land online teaching jobs quickly. 

Online teaching jobs can be classified into various categories such as:

  • K-12 teachers
  • Online tutors
  • College faculty 

Let us now discuss each of these categories in detail.

K-12 Teachers 

The past few years have witnessed the digitalisation of K-12 learning largely aided by Edtech startups. Moreover, schools have been conducting lectures online for almost the past two years. The requirement to be eligible for online teaching jobs for the K-12 segment is the same as that of a traditional teacher. 

You need to possess a post-graduate teaching degree, called B.Ed to be eligible to teach students of primary and secondary level. Those possessing a diploma in Education can teach students of Kindergarten. Online job portals such as Indeed, Naukri or networking sites such as LinkedIn are ideal sources to look up to for such online teaching jobs.

College Faculty 

Colleges and universities have been providing online education through the distance learning mode for almost a decade. The online education process at the college level has only accelerated with the onset of Covid-19. Teachers who possess the right qualifications can easily land a job at colleges and universities that impart distance education to students. 

Usually, you need to possess a Master’s degree to be able to teach students of junior college or a PhD to teach at the degree level. Again, online job portals are your best bet to search for teaching jobs. Alternatively, you can follow the website of respective institutions to check for online teaching jobs. 

Online Tutors 

Online tutors have sought to replace traditional tuition teachers in the past few years. Many teachers take up online tutor roles as a side hustle or to earn an extra penny. Generally, there is no defined qualification for online tutors.

However, in order to apply for online teaching jobs as a tutor, one should at least be a graduate. Possessing a few years of experience in teaching might give you the extra edge over your colleagues. Several online portals connect tutors with prospective students and are the ideal source to look for tutor jobs. 

To Conclude 

E-learning has opened a plethora of opportunities for those seeking online teaching jobs. However, inspired by entrepreneurial zeal, many teachers might be keen on kick starting their own coaching business and would be on the hunt for ideal platforms. SuperTeacher, India’s fastest growing online teaching platform, offers you the opportunity to set up your own teaching business within minutes. You can enroll students from across boundaries, set up multiple batches, conduct your lectures online, disseminate assignments and more! 

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