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Attendance Tracker

Track real-time attendance and watch-time with superteacher's userfriendly dashboard.


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Automated attendance

Track the number of students attending your classes and also the total watch-time per student for each class on the online tuition app.


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Downloadable Data

Download the attendance data onto your hard drive as a spreadsheet and removes the hassle of collecting and analysing attendance data.


Attendance Analytics

Derive key insights from attendance data . Assess student activity on the online tutor app, watch duration, and attendance percentage for each class and batch.


Real-Time Notifications

On Superteacher You will receive notifications and action items on the online tuition app highlighting class absentees.

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Frequently asked questions

Is attendance data saved automatically on the SuperTeacher app for online teaching India?

Yes, the attendance data is captured automatically on the SuperTeacher online tutor app.

Will I have to download the attendance data every time after class?

You do not have to download the attendance data. The online tutor app will automatically save the data for you and you can view it on the dashboard.

What is the meaning of % attendance?

Class-wise % attendance on the tuition app denotes the percentage of students who attended a class. For instance, if in a class of 50, only 40 students attended the session on the online tuition app, then the attendance % shows as 80%.

Is attendance tracked if students drop-off during a live class?

Yes, attendance on the tuition app tracks not just whether a student attended the class but also the total watch time. So, if a student drops-off during a live class, you will be able to see his/her watch time.

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