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Fee Manager

SuperTeacher is one of the few online teaching apps in India that offer a complete fee management solution.


100 % Secure

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Comprehensive Dashboard

The only online teaching app in India that offers a simple yet effective fee management solution to tuition teachers.


Automated Fee Reminders

Students are sent constant reminders through SMS, WhatsApp and push notifications to make their fee payments on time.


Track Real-time Revenue

The SuperTeacher classes app makes sure nothing is lost in translation by giving you detailed insights from revenue analytics.


Fee Installments Manager

You can offer students the flexibility to make part-payments or full payments. The ‘Fee Manager’ feature helps you manage fee installments seamlessly.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get a detailed report on fee collection and management?

Yes. You can find a detailed dashboard on the SuperTeacher classes app where you can see total fee collected, dues, and revenue analytics.

Is my data protected?

Yes, we are 100% committed to protecting user data. For the SuperTeacher online teaching app in India, website and app data is encrypted and SSL protected.

Can students who do not pay the fee attend my lectures?

Fee defaulters will be given a grace period to make the fee payment. They will still be able to attend the lectures on the classes app. However, until they make the fee payment, they will be sent constant reminders and features will be limited.

Why do I need the fee management service?

Tracking fee payments and dues is a time-consuming task. A platform like SuperTeacher, one of the best online teaching apps in India, helps relieve you of these tedious tasks so you can focus on what you do best - teaching!

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