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Marketing Solutions

Build your own brand with SuperTeacher advertising for teachers.While you are 100% committed to teaching, we'll take care of the marketing tasks for you!


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Reach Students globally

Get enrolments from students across the world with this online app for teaching. While you conduct classes on the teaching app, we'll make sure your classes are accessible to students globally.


Get discovered by students

With our marketing solutions, we get your teaching services listed, so you can get discovered easily which means more students, more enrolments and the chance to become a popular teacher across regions.


Build your brand

We believe every SuperTeacher is a walking-talking brand. Let your unique styles of teaching, commitment to better results, and ability to understand students' needs make you stand out from the rest.


Get a personalised website and app

Once you sign up for the SuperTeacher teaching app, you will get a personalised website and app exclusively for your teaching classes.

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Frequently asked questions

I run my teaching business alone. How can SuperTeacher help me create a brand through the teaching app?

You don't need to have your own company or coaching enterprise to become a brand. All you need is the right platform, ideally an online app for teaching that takes care of advertising for teachers. SuperTeacher has strategic tie-ups to enable effective marketing for teachers so they can build a brand and market their teaching business.

Do I have to design my own website?

No. Once you sign-up for SuperTeacher, we'll set up your customised website and app. This is part of our commitment to make advertising for teachers easy and hassle-free.

Will branding help me increase revenue?

Yes, with the right branding, you can attract more students to sign up for your classes. Getting more enrolments will directly increase your revenue. As you will teach on an international platform through our online app for teaching, your student base will be both national and international. This means a higher revenue for you through the teaching app.

How would the SuperTeacher teaching app help me get more enrolments?

Along with the online app for teaching, you will get access to our solutions that enable marketing for teachers. By making a wide student base accessible to you and by listing you on our international platform, we will increase your reach. As a result, you will see an increase in the number of enrolments.

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