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Smart assessments

Organising multiple live classes is hassle-free with SuperTeacher. Teach online with ease and reach unlimited students across the world!

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Access to library of Questions

We have a question library with over 5 million questions across all boards in India. Easily select questions as part of tests or assignments.


Time bound Tests

The best way to assess a student's learning is through his/her performance. With timed tests on this app for online classes, you can set the time limit of the test as per your requirements.


Smart grading and feedback.

With SuperTeacher's smart student assessments, you can opt to give graded or ungraded assignments. Set the correct answers and parameters for grading and you are done.


Convert Physical Tests to Digital

On the SuperTeacher app for online classes, you can upload tests from anywhere. Simply scan the document and upload the file.

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Frequently asked questions

Will SuperTeacher be providing the question library?

Yes, our app for online classes has a repository of close to 5 million questions to choose from. You can create and assign student assessments for all boards in India.

Can I change the assignment submission date?

You can change the submission date of assignments you've created on the SuperTeacher online learning app.

Can I create tests that are automatically graded?

We provide an automated grading feature. Based on the parameters set by you, the SuperTeacher app for online classes grades student assignments automatically.

Will students be able to schedule their own assignments?

Students will have to follow the schedule of tests and assignments set by the teacher. The SuperTeacher app for online classes does not allow students to schedule their own assignments.

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