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Video Courses

Create engaging video-based courses for your learners.

Live Classes

Host real-time interactive live classes for your students.

Text-Based Courses

Offer text-based courses for learners preferring written content.


Assess student knowledge with quizzes tailored to your courses.


Provide certificates to students upon course completion.

Content Integration

Seamlessly integrate content from YouTube, Vimeo, and AWS.

Public Classes

Conduct public classes to cater to different audiences.

Private Classes

Offer private classes for a personalized learning experience.

Google Calendar Integration

Seamlessly schedule and manage classes using Google Calendar.

Online 1 to 1 Meeting Booking

Simplify scheduling for one-on-one sessions.

Group Meeting Booking

Easily schedule group meetings for collaborative learning.

Meeting & Webinar Reminders

Ensure participants never miss a session with automated reminders.

Jitsi Meeting Support

Enhance virtual meetings with Jitsi integration.

In-app Video Call System

Enable direct communication through in-app video calls.

Variable Commissions

Offer flexible commission structures to incentivize course creators.

Built-in Accounting System

Easily manage financial transactions and monitor revenue.

30 Worldwide Payment Gateways

Expand your reach with global payment options.

Offline Payment

Provide convenience with offline payment methods.


Conduct transactions in multiple currencies for worldwide users.

Cashback & Purchase Returns

Enhance user satisfaction with cashback and returns options.

Gift of Learning

Allow users to send courses as thoughtful gifts.

Top & Bottom Advertisement Bar

Promote offers effectively with advertisement bars.

Fully Responsive

Ensure your platform looks great on any device.

Fully Customizable

Tailor your platform's appearance to match your brand.

Frontend RTL Support

Accommodate languages with right-to-left reading support.

Professional Plugins

Enhance functionality with professional-grade plugins.

Change Colors & Fonts from Admin Panel

Customize your platform's aesthetics easily.

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